Revision History

Banking FOP v2 Specification Revision History

This is a revision history noting significant changes to the Banking FOP APIs.

Date API Version Change Description APIs Impacted
2021-04-20 0.0.1 Change maskedEmailAddress format examples Virtual Cards
2021-04-20 0.0.1 Add merchantOrigin to MerchantDetails Virtual Cards
2021-04-19 0.0.1 Fix typos in Terms of Service Acceptance Virtual Cards
2021-04-16 0.0.1 Add deviceAccountAge as a risk signal Virtual Cards
2021-03-25 0.0.1 Add M1 risk signals Virtual Cards
2021-03-12 0.0.1 Add unenroll API Virtual Cards
2021-03-08 0.0.1 Removed cvn from card object in enroll request Virtual Cards