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Error Response object for all methods.

JSON representation
  "responseHeader": {
    object (ResponseHeader)
  "errorResponseCode": enum (ErrorResponseCode),
  "errorDescription": string,
  "paymentIntegratorErrorIdentifier": string

object (ResponseHeader)

REQUIRED: Common header for all responses.


enum (ErrorResponseCode)

OPTIONAL: A code that captures the type of error that occurred.



OPTIONAL: Provide a description of this status for support reps to debug errors. Note that this is never shown to users. It can contain descriptive, non-sensitive text used for debugging. Note that some values for errorResponseCode should be accompanied by additional detail in this field. For example, INVALID_IDENTIFIER should be accompanied by information in this field as to which type of identifier was invalid. Warning: Do not include any tokens in this message unless they are defined as public.



OPTIONAL: This identifier is specific to the integrator and is generated by the integrator. It is used for debugging purposes only in order to identify this call. This is the identifier that the integrator knows this call by.