Google Standard Payments is a payment specification developed by Google. The specification provides a seamless way for external integrators to onboard their payment product onto Google entities like Google Ads and Google Play.

The steps below provide an overview of the implementation process:

  1. The payment integrator implements the payment specification.
  2. Google whitelists the payment integrator.
  3. Google enables a Google customer to add a payment method by linking their payment integrator account to their instrument.
  4. Google leverages the API implemented by the payment integrator to authenticate the user against the payment integrator's authentication system, transfer and refund funds for transactional payments.

How to get started?


This specification assumes you have a form of payment that can be used for purchasing where the user is not in session. It assumes you have a website and/or an Android application that can be used for authenticating your users. Finally, it assumes that you are willing to map your existing, native API to this specification.


  1. Get familiar with all the flows described in Key Concepts. We strongly recommend that you read this section thoroughly to understand how your users will interact with you via Google entities, and how your servers and Google servers will logically interact.
  2. Identify which HTTP servers, Android APK, and front end HTTP server will be used to deploy the various components.

Implement the APIs

Implement all the APIs listed within Payment Integrator APIs. Implement both the web and android authentication methods.

Make sure your servers support the communication requirements listed in Communication Protocol Details and your PGP keys support the best practices listed in PGP Best Practices.

Testing and Launching

Ensure you have implemented all APIs referenced under Payment Integrator APIs and they are accessible by Google's servers. Make sure you've implemented clients to support calling the Google Hosted APIs.

Once ready, you can start the testing and launch certification process.