Structure of a .mfx file

Currently, the .mfx file must be created manually. We recommend that you start with the template file and save a version with your changes. Link to template

The .mfx file has two sections called "renderviews" and "postchain". The renderviews section defines buffers that hold the data coming out of each render pass. They will be used as input into the render passes defined in the postchain. The postchain section defines the order of the render passes and material effects to be applied to the render.


Each renderview section starts with a binding that you specify (for example "RenderView1" or "RV1"). The name can be used to specify the renderview as input in the postchain section of the file. It is not used anywhere else.

Under the name of each renderview, you have the following attributes:


  • attachment:
  • type:
  • format:


  • pfx:
  • materialName:
  • overrideFlag:

pfx file info, effects/materials types?






The postchain defines the order that the render passes are applied to a frame. The order is often important because the output of one render pass may be used as input for a subsequent pass.

There are two types of render passes defined in the postchain, each having different parameters:

  • The first are defined by the type attribute which is set to "RN_SCENE". These are the actual render passes, including information about the camera for example, and they output to the render buffers created in the renderviews sections.
  • The second type are material passes, which essentially apply filters to the render output. They alter the images and pass them on to the next material filter until you get to the end of the .mfx file.





  • name:
  • type:
  • camera:
  • passId:
  • inputBindings:
    • arg0: refers to a renderview
    • arg1: refers to a specific surface of that renderview
    • type:


  • name:
  • material:
    • pfx:
    • matrialName:
  • outputBinding:
    • sizeDivisor:
    • pixelFormat:
  • inputBindings:
    • type:
    • arg0:
    • arg1:

output of last postchain operation is final image output

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pfx file

example pfx file?


  • name
  • materialDef
  • options
    • Overlay
    • VertexColor
  • parameters
    • BlendMode