Internet-drafts Related proposals IETF presentations

  1. Performance and Fairness Evaluation of IW10 and Other Fast Startup Schemes
    Michael Scharf, ICCRG, IETF 80

  2. A Testbed study on IW10 vs IW3
    Jerry Chu, tcpm, IETF 79
    Raw test data availble at NCSU IW10 testbed experiment

  3. Effect of IW and init RTO changes
    Ilpo Järvinen, tcpm, IETF 79

  4. Increasing TCP initial Window
    Nandita Dukkipati, Jerry Chu and Yuchung Cheng, iccrg, IETF 78

  5. Scaling IW with the Internet
    Matt Mathis, iccrg, IETF 78

  6. A Simulation Study on Increasing TCP's IW
    Ilpo Järvinen, iccrg, IETF 78

  7. Increasing TCP's Initial Window
    Jerry Chu and Nandita Dukkipati, tcpm/iccrg, IETF 77

  8. Tuning TCP Parameters for the 21st Century
    Jerry Chu, tcpm, IETF 75

  9. Quick-Start, Jump-Start, and other Fast Startup Approaches: Implementation Issues and Performance
    Michael Scharf, iccrg, IETF 73
Research papers and studies

  1. Comparison of end-to-end and network-supported fast startup congestion control schemes
    Michael Scharf, Computer Networks, Feb. 2011

  2. An Argument for Increasing TCP's Initial Congestion Window
    Nandita Dukkipati, et al., ACM Computer Communication Review, Jul. 2010

  3. A Client-Side Argument for Changing TCP Slow Start
    Mike Belshe,, Jan 2010

  4. Fast Startup Internet Congestion Control Mechanisms for Broadband Interactive Applications
    Michael Scharf, PhD thesis, University of Stuttgart, Nov. 2009

  5. TCP revisited: a fresh look at TCP in the wild
    Feng Qian, et al., ACM Internet Measurement Conference, Oct. 2009

  6. Overclocking the Yahoo! CDN for Faster Web Page Loads
    Mohammad Al-Fares, et al., Internet Measurement Conference, Nov. 2011
IETF mailing list threads (incomplete)

  1. [tcpm] Increasing the Initial Window - Notes

  2. [tmrg] Proposal to increase TCP initial CWND

  3. [tcpm] TCP tuning
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