How-to Videos

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PageSpeed Service was turned off on August 3rd, 2015. Please see Turndown Information for PageSpeed Service.

Here are some videos to help you setup your site and get the most out of the various features of PageSpeed Service.

Setup your website with PageSpeed Service

This video explains how to perform the initial setup of your website to use Google PageSpeed Service.

Refer to the setup guide for detailed instructions. If your site serves pages over HTTPS, please first consult the SSL Setup guide for instructions to upload your digital certificates before proceeding.

Using the Flush Cache feature

This video explains how to use the Flush Cache feature to selectively clear files from the PageSpeed Server caches.

This can be useful if you need an updated resource on your site to be visible as soon as possible, before the normal cache duration of the resource eg. if you made a correction to a bad JavaScript file.

Using the Disable All Rewriters feature

This video explains how to use the Disable All Rewriters feature to temporarily disable all rewriting by PageSpeed Service.

This can be useful in an emergency where you suspect the rewriters are conflicting with the operation of your site, and you are unable to restore your rewriter settings to a stable configuration.

Setting up a Bare Domain with PageSpeed Service

This two-part video explains how to setup the the bare domain of your site to benefit from PageSpeed Service.

The first video explains what bare domains are and why they are relevant when using PageSpeed Service.

The second video explains the necessary changes to configure PageSpeed Service to serve traffic sent to your bare domain.