Operating Your Site

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PageSpeed Service was turned off on August 3rd, 2015. Please see Turndown Information for PageSpeed Service.

This page provides you with resources on how to operate your site with PageSpeed Service. Please ensure that you have successfully completed the Initial setup then head to the Google APIs Console.

  • As your DNS CNAME change propagates, you should see the traffic to your site gradually increase in an “Overview” pane in the Google APIs Console:
    Overview tab of Google API console .
  • Watch the traffic closely on your reference servers for at least 24 hours. The volume of traffic to your origin servers will drop, since PageSpeed Service caches several types of resources such as images, JavaScript and CSS. However, ensure that you are still getting some traffic.
  • Fix any alerts that are based on traffic volumes in order to accommodate the new traffic numbers.
  • Once you are confident of the new serving system, you may under-provision your network based on the new traffic volumes at your end.

Changing Origin Domain

You can change the origin domain that is used by PageSpeed Service for fetching your site's content by clicking on the edit icon that appears in front of the origin domain name.

Note: Before submitting the change, please make sure that the new origin domain is properly set and is serving your site.

How to configure a new origin domain hosted by you?

  1. Login to your DNS provider
  2. Select a name for the new origin domain that you are going to configure, e.g. origin2.mydomain.com.
  3. If your current origin domain (e.g. origin.mydomain.com) is an A-record pointing to a server/IP address, then setup a new DNS entry (A-record) for origin2.mydomain.com pointing to the same server/IP address as origin.mydomain.com.
  4. If your current origin domain (e.g. origin2.mydomain.com) is a CNAME record pointing to xyz.mydomain.com then add a CNAME record for origin2.mydomain.com pointing to xyz.mydomain.com.
  5. Set the TTL to 1/2 hr (1800 seconds)

Average HTML Page Load Time

This plot lists the average load time of HTML pages on your site with PageSpeed Service. See here to find out more details on how this was measured. Follow the steps mentioned here to measure the speed up of your site after using PageSpeed Service. Note that the procedure used to measure speed up before you used PageSpeed Service will no longer work.

Familiarize yourself with the various optimizations that are applied to your site and learn how to to change the rewriter settings so you are getting the most out of PageSpeed Service.