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PageSpeed Service was turned off on August 3rd, 2015. Please see Turndown Information for PageSpeed Service.


Home security & alarm

We take the security of our customers very seriously, and we wanted to make sure that we took the security of our user’s online sessions seriously as well. Google’s SSL PageSpeed Service has been incredible, since it has allowed us to maintain the integrity of our own SSL certificate while taking advantage of all the features that exist in Google’s PageSpeed Service. When we implemented PageSpeed Service our site’s load time dropped 49.8% and since it's been implemented sales have more than doubled, conversion rates have significantly improved and return visits are up. This service has also saved us a lot of money since we don’t have to pour financial resources into bigger, faster servers. That has allowed us to focus on building our service capabilities, which we know will make our customers happier, satisfied, brand advocates. Google has greatly enhanced the shopping experience of our users, keeping them from having to wait through long page loads."

One of the largest car parts &
accessories Internet retailers

"Google's PageSpeed Service has allowed to continue to grow and focus on developing new features for our users, by absorbing increases in traffic and handling all our website optimization requirements. Average page load time has decreased overall (by over 50% in many countries) leading to a better user experience, a reduced bounce rate and significant increases in global organic search traffic. Setting up PageSpeed Service was quick, integration was simple, and configuring the features of the service has been very straight forward and easy to manage. PageSpeed Service has been incredibly reliable and it's genuinely great to deal with something that just does what it says and works so well."

Home Décor

" Scandinavian Design Center has customers in seventy countries around the world. Since we are located in Sweden, one of our greatest challenges is serving our e-commerce site quickly to our many distant markets like, North America and Asia. With Google's PageSpeed Service, we have been able to scale from a system with servers located in Sweden to a truly global infrastructure, delivering a high quality experience to customers as far as Japan, Korea, and Australia. As a result, our website is faster and more enjoyable for our customers. The service has significantly increased the number of pages per visitor, as well as business for us. In addition, Google's infrastructure has been incredibly reliable for us. Speed is a major competitive advantage for us. Google's Page Speed Service is a vital part of this work."


One of largest celebrity
gossip destinations

"The Hollywood Gossip is one of the Internet's largest celebrity gossip and entertainment news destinations. With 30 million pageviews a month, we were a little nervous to CNAME our traffic anywhere. But with a company like Google behind PageSpeed Service we decided to take the leap and couldn't be happier. Not only did the service give us significant speed improvements, it drastically reduced the toll on our servers. We were able to cut our hosting bills by more than half and survive 40,000 simultaneous users without even a hiccup. Hesitating? Stop. Spend the less than 10 minutes it takes in DNS to set this invaluable service up now!"

Turkish flash game website

"PageSpeed Service has amazingly decreased our bandwidth usage. Additionally, our up-time has improved significantly. Thanks to you, our developer team has not spent any time to optimize our web site because PageSpeed Service is doing everything for us."

Home of passionate food &
entertainment fans

"TV Fanatic, Movie Fanatic and Food Fanatic combine to bring together over 5 million passionate entertainment fans and chefs. Like any Ruby programmers, our tech team thought Rails provided all the speed optimizations a site could need. That's when we showed them what Google PageSpeed Service could do. Thanks to its unbelievable lossless image compression and other advance rewriters, it took an already heavily optimized site and cut load time by more than half! Combine that with Google's state of the art CDN, and I don't think there's a site out there that won't significantly benefit."

Minecraft mods and tools

"PageSpeed has been a true friend to our site. It's easy to customize, our site's loading time has dropped dramatically, but the real bless about the PageSpeed Service is that it has reduced our server costs substantially. All this while running with 100% up-time for the 3 month we've been using it, our site has not been down for a second. It's amazing how reliable PageSpeed Service is."


Best Deals Around The World

"After using Google's PageSpeed Service our bandwidth usage is down by more than 50%. Our site loads much faster, which results in increase in Pages/Visit and better SEO Ranking. Thanks to Google for this service."

New Recipes Everyday

" is specialized in simple, original and everyday different dishes, both savory and sweet, with videos and step by step pictures, so as to make cooking really easy and successful. As publisher, we are highly focused on performance issues: thanks to Google PageSpeed Service we have experienced an improvement of overall interaction with our website, due to the high responsiveness in contents serving. Google PageSpeed Service backend also provides a very customizable setup and now we don’t have any concerns about additional optimizations."


Latest Philippine News
for Filipinos

" is the news website of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the leading newspaper in the Philippines. We deliver up-to-date and accurate reports with photos and videos to give our users the ultimate news experience. With Google’s PageSpeed Service, is able to deliver the service our users expect – with pages that load faster and images that are optimized further. Google’s PageSpeed’s exceptional performance has given us an edge over other news websites that have not taken advantage of this service."

Recent Taiwan News

"PageSpeed Service is an innovative service that, with a few simple DNS changes and no code updates, automatically optimizes our website. In addition to optimizing, it also automatically caches static files (images, js, css, etc.), dispersed to Google's CDN servers. PSS helps load our website faster, reduce web server load, and reduce our data transfer costs."

Content economics
technologies for
premium publishers

Power Line is a political commentary website managed by Publir. With PageSpeed's highly advanced rewriters, the most important bytes, the content, load first and fast. To the readers, our Power Line site appears to be completely instantaneous, prompting deeper and lengthier reading sessions and more profound engagement with the site. With PageSpeed Service we have seen a significant increase in average visit duration, in pages per user visit, and pageviews. These improvements came despite no significant changes to the site design."
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Italy's Best
User-Generated Content

“Thanks to Google's PageSpeed Service we have been able to reduce render times dramatically, improve connectivity from other countries, and give our Facebook content better load times. The result has been a significant increase in pageviews. Furthermore, PageSpeed Service has drastically improved our ability to scale. Before PageSpeed Service, our first 100,000 daily unique visitor generated 80-90% server load, but after implementing PageSpeed Service, our servers can easily support to 200,000 daily unique visitors while only generating 10-15% server load."

The Latest US and World News

"Google's PageSpeed Service is one of the the best things to happen to our web site. The service improved page load time to an unbelievable degree - less then one second! As a result, our visitors have a much better user experience and increased their average visit duration by 50%! At the same time, our unique visitors and total pageviews increased by 100%, while reducing our bounce rate by 30%! Setting up PageSpeed service is also really easy, with plenty of options for fine tuning. Google CDN and static caching are truly amazing; lossless image optimization and HTML code optimizations are awesome; and, there are so many more. With Google's PageSpeed Service we will never have worries about page load times again. We strongly recommend Google's PageSpeed Service to anyone looking for ways to speed up their web site."

Latest sports news

"Really impressed with Google’s PageSpeed Service. It worked as a speed booster for our site. After implementing PageSpeed service, we have witnessed significant improvement page load times. Pages load instantly and the users need not wait for the content to show up. Thus, it has dramatically improved user experience. Our site’s landing page loads 20-30% faster and all thanks to Google’s Page Speed Service."

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Resource

"Google PageSpeed Service is the single best solution when it comes to page speed optimization. Their service allows us to simplify website optimization and grants access to cutting edge techniques that we would not have been able to implement ourselves. It has also given our aging hardware stack new life by reducing load and requests to our server. As a result of Google PageSpeed, we have happier users and a massive advantage in terms of speed compared to our competitors."


Turkey's Leading Technology Website

"Thanks to PSS's image and rewriting optimizations, we were able to reduce the average size of our pages and improve browser rendering, resulting in a 50% overall decrease in page load times! In addition, since Google PSS caches our content, we saw a significant decrease in our server load and bandwidth. Despite our increasing traffic, we did not needed any additional server infrastructure due to PSS's ability to help us scale. Finally, PageSpeed Service has really helped us improve the experience for our users with low internet speeds, who are now able to preview images while pages load."

Freeware For Old Computers

"Our server is located in the US causing slow page load times for many of our users, especially in Asia and Eastern Europe. After switching to PageSpeed Service, we noticed page load time improved 40-50%. We are very happy using PageSpeed service. It took 10-15 minutes to setup and required no code changes. Our users are extremely happy navigating through our website and we noticed an increase in our visitors return-rate."

Free Tech Support for Gadgets, Gizmos, and Other Devices

"Our goal is to always deliver the best information, coupled with the very best user experience. As a result, performance improvements are a huge win for our audience. PageSpeed Service is easy to implement. It's amazing that setup is just a single CNAME change and nothing else! If you care about your website's speed, you have to try out this service!"