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" is the news website of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the leading newspaper in the Philippines. We deliver up-to-date and accurate reports with photos and videos to give our users the ultimate news experience. With Google’s PageSpeed Service, is able to deliver the service our users expect – with pages that load faster and images that are optimized further. Google’s PageSpeed’s exceptional performance has given us an edge over other news websites that have not taken advantage of this service."

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Power Line is a political commentary website managed by Publir. With PageSpeed's highly advanced rewriters, the most important bytes, the content, load first and fast. To the readers, our Power Line site appears to be completely instantaneous, prompting deeper and lengthier reading sessions and more profound engagement with the site. With PageSpeed Service we have seen a significant increase in average visit duration, in pages per user visit, and pageviews. These improvements came despite no significant changes to the site design."
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