Turndown information for PageSpeed Service

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Following the deprecation announcement on 5th May, PageSpeed Service was turned off on 3rd August. If your site is showing the PageSpeed Service error page, you must remove your site from PageSpeed Service.

Shutdown error page

Project Shield customers

If you are using PageSpeed Service through Project Shield you should already have been provided with migration instructions. If you need additional help, please contact Project Shield here for assistance.

Removing your site(s) from PageSpeed Service

Any site using PageSpeed Service will display the error page above. To make your site work normally, you must change your DNS.

Please see our detailed instructions for how to migrate away.

Alternatives to PageSpeed Service

If you wish to continue enjoying many of the performance benefits of PageSpeed Service, the same Google PageSpeed technology is available in a number of alternative packagings which you may wish to consider using. These alternatives are not affected by the deprecation announcement and continue to be supported.

Provider Hosted PageSpeed

Many web hosting providers already integrate PageSpeed. If you are using such a web hosting provider, check your provider’s documentation. It may be as simple as checking a box in your provider’s control panel.

Server side modules

There are PageSpeed modules for many common web servers. If you run your own web server, you may wish to install one of these.


Google has developed the open-source Apache module mod_pagespeed. Pre-built binary modules for Apache 2.2 and 2.4 are available. For more information, click here.


Google has also developed a plugin for Nginx. Due to the nature of Nginx, it must be compiled from source. You can read the instructions here.


The folks over at WeAmp have a commercial port of PageSpeed to Microsoft IIS. You can learn more about it at www.iispeed.com.

Apache Traffic Server

WeAmp has ported PageSpeed to Apache Traffic server. More information, including build instructions, can be found at www.atsspeed.com.


OpenLiteSpeed supports a PageSpeed module that you can compile and load into your webserver. Please see their instructions here.

Cloud based alternatives

If you wish to continue using cloud-based product, EdgeCast Edge Optimizer and Squixa both integrate Google PageSpeed with CDN offerings. Alternatively, many CDNs offer comparable functionality that does not use PageSpeed technology.