Protocol to Access Whitespace

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

The primary resource of interest to clients is accessed by calling the spectrum.paws.getSpectrum method, which returns an object containing the spectrumSchedules.

The methods below are the supported subset of those defined by the IETF Protocol to Access White Space (PAWS). The Google Spectrum Database API implements the core PAWS init and getSpectrum methods, which allow a device to connect with the database and get a list of available spectrum based on the device's geolocation. Unsupported PAWS methods defined in the specification may be invoked, but will return an UNIMPLEMENTED error as noted below. The Google Spectrum Database API is subject to change as the PAWS specification evolves.


Initializes the connection between a white space device and the database.
Requests information about the available spectrum for a device at a location. Requests from a fixed-mode device must include owner information so the device can be registered with the database.