What is the Google Spectrum Database API?

The Google Spectrum Database API provides PAWS-compatible JSON-RPC methods that allow you to query the database and find available TV-band white space spectrum at a given geo-location.

Currently, the API services the United States, and only returns spectrum data for device coordinates that are located inside the territory of the United States.

Getting started

See Getting Started to learn how to sign up for access to the API and query it.

API modes

The Google Spectrum Database API is available in two modes: Explorer and Commercial. You can select the API mode by setting the apiVersion field in the request (see JSON-RPC requests).

Explorer mode

All developers with a Google Account can use the API in explorer mode. You can access it by setting the apiVersion in your request to v1explorer. Requests in this mode are considered to be for testing or research purposes only, and responses in this mode must not be used to operate a radio transmitter.

Commercial mode

Device manufacturers can sign up for our commercial offering to gain access to the commercial mode. Once enabled, you can access it by setting the apiVersion in the request to v1beta. White space devices must use this mode in order to use the spectrum reported as available by the database.