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Resource representations

The status of a product, i.e., information about a product computed asynchronously.

  "kind": "content#productStatus",
  "productId": string,
  "title": string,
  "link": string,
  "destinationStatuses": [
      "destination": string,
      "intention": string,
      "approvalStatus": string,
      "approvalPending": boolean
  "dataQualityIssues": [
      "id": string,
      "severity": string,
      "timestamp": string,
      "location": string,
      "detail": string,
      "valueProvided": string,
      "valueOnLandingPage": string,
      "fetchStatus": string,
      "destination": string
  "itemLevelIssues": [
      "code": string,
      "servability": string,
      "resolution": string,
      "attributeName": string,
      "destination": string,
      "description": string,
      "detail": string,
      "documentation": string
  "creationDate": string,
  "lastUpdateDate": string,
  "googleExpirationDate": string,
  "product": products Resource
Property name Value Description Notes
creationDate string Date on which the item has been created, in ISO 8601 format.
dataQualityIssues[] list DEPRECATED - never populated
dataQualityIssues[].destination string
dataQualityIssues[].detail string
dataQualityIssues[].fetchStatus string
dataQualityIssues[].id string
dataQualityIssues[].location string
dataQualityIssues[].severity string

Acceptable values are:
  • "critical"
  • "error"
  • "suggestion"
dataQualityIssues[].timestamp string
dataQualityIssues[].valueOnLandingPage string
dataQualityIssues[].valueProvided string
destinationStatuses[] list The intended destinations for the product.
destinationStatuses[].approvalPending boolean Whether the approval status might change due to further processing.
destinationStatuses[].approvalStatus string The destination's approval status.

Acceptable values are:
  • "approved"
  • "disapproved"
destinationStatuses[].destination string The name of the destination
destinationStatuses[].intention string Provided for backward compatibility only. Always set to "required".

Acceptable values are:
  • "default"
  • "excluded"
  • "optional"
  • "required"
googleExpirationDate string Date on which the item expires in Google Shopping, in ISO 8601 format.
itemLevelIssues[] list A list of all issues associated with the product.
itemLevelIssues[].attributeName string The attribute's name, if the issue is caused by a single attribute.
itemLevelIssues[].code string The error code of the issue.
itemLevelIssues[].description string A short issue description in English.
itemLevelIssues[].destination string The destination the issue applies to.
itemLevelIssues[].detail string A detailed issue description in English.
itemLevelIssues[].documentation string The URL of a web page to help with resolving this issue.
itemLevelIssues[].resolution string Whether the issue can be resolved by the merchant.
itemLevelIssues[].servability string How this issue affects serving of the offer.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "content#productStatus".
lastUpdateDate string Date on which the item has been last updated, in ISO 8601 format.
product nested object Product data after applying all the join inputs.
productId string The ID of the product for which status is reported.
title string The title of the product.


Gets the statuses of multiple products in a single request.
Gets the status of a product from your Merchant Center account.
Lists the statuses of the products in your Merchant Center account.