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Resource representations

Regional inventory resource. contains the regional name and all attributes which are overridden for the specified region.

  "kind": "content#regionalInventory",
  "regionId": string,
  "price": {
    "value": string,
    "currency": string
  "salePrice": {
    "value": string,
    "currency": string
  "salePriceEffectiveDate": string,
  "availability": string,
  "customAttributes": [
      "name": string,
      "value": string,
      "groupValues": [
Property name Value Description Notes
availability string The availability of the product.
customAttributes[] list A list of custom (merchant-provided) attributes. It can also be used for submitting any attribute of the feed specification in its generic form.
customAttributes[].groupValues[] list Subattributes within this attribute group. Exactly one of value or groupValues must be provided. writable
customAttributes[].name string The name of the attribute. Underscores will be replaced by spaces upon insertion. writable
customAttributes[].value string The value of the attribute. writable
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "content#regionalInventory".
price nested object The price of the product.
price.currency string The currency of the price. writable
price.value string The price represented as a number. writable
regionId string The ID (name) of the region.
salePrice nested object The sale price of the product. Mandatory if sale_price_effective_date is defined.
salePrice.currency string The currency of the price. writable
salePrice.value string The price represented as a number. writable
salePriceEffectiveDate string A date range represented by a pair of ISO 8601 dates separated by a space, comma, or slash. Both dates might be specified as 'null' if undecided.


Updates regional inventory for multiple products or regions in a single request.
Update the regional inventory of a product in your Merchant Center account. If a regional inventory with the same region ID already exists, this method updates that entry.