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Resource representations

Local Inventory ads (LIA) settings. All methods except listposdataproviders require the admin role.

  "kind": "content#liaSettings",
  "accountId": unsigned long,
  "countrySettings": [
      "country": string,
      "inventory": {
        "status": string,
        "inventoryVerificationContactStatus": string,
        "inventoryVerificationContactName": string,
        "inventoryVerificationContactEmail": string
      "onDisplayToOrder": {
        "status": string,
        "shippingCostPolicyUrl": string
      "about": {
        "status": string,
        "url": string
      "hostedLocalStorefrontActive": boolean,
      "storePickupActive": boolean,
      "posDataProvider": {
        "posDataProviderId": unsigned long,
        "posExternalAccountId": string
Property name Value Description Notes
accountId unsigned long The ID of the account to which these LIA settings belong. Ignored upon update, always present in get request responses.
countrySettings[] list The LIA settings for each country. writable
countrySettings[].about nested object The settings for the About page. writable
countrySettings[].about.status string The status of the verification process for the About page.

Acceptable values are:
  • "active"
  • "inactive"
  • "pending"
countrySettings[].about.url string The URL for the About page. writable
countrySettings[].country string CLDR country code (e.g. "US"). writable
countrySettings[].hostedLocalStorefrontActive boolean The status of the "Merchant hosted local storefront" feature.
countrySettings[].inventory nested object LIA inventory verification settings. writable
countrySettings[].inventory.inventoryVerificationContactEmail string The email of the contact for the inventory verification process.
countrySettings[].inventory.inventoryVerificationContactName string The name of the contact for the inventory verification process.
countrySettings[].inventory.inventoryVerificationContactStatus string The status of the verification contact.

Acceptable values are:
  • "active"
  • "inactive"
  • "pending"
countrySettings[].inventory.status string The status of the inventory verification process.

Acceptable values are:
  • "active"
  • "inactive"
  • "pending"
countrySettings[].onDisplayToOrder nested object LIA "On Display To Order" settings. writable
countrySettings[].onDisplayToOrder.shippingCostPolicyUrl string Shipping cost and policy URL. writable
countrySettings[].onDisplayToOrder.status string The status of the ?On display to order? feature.

Acceptable values are:
  • "active"
  • "inactive"
  • "pending"
countrySettings[].posDataProvider nested object The POS data provider linked with this country.
countrySettings[].posDataProvider.posDataProviderId unsigned long The ID of the POS data provider.
countrySettings[].posDataProvider.posExternalAccountId string The account ID by which this merchant is known to the POS data provider.
countrySettings[].storePickupActive boolean The status of the "Store pickup" feature.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "content#liaSettings".


Retrieves and/or updates the LIA settings of multiple accounts in a single request.
Retrieves the LIA settings of the account.
Retrieves the list of accessible Google My Business accounts.
Lists the LIA settings of the sub-accounts in your Merchant Center account.
Retrieves the list of POS data providers that have active settings for the all eiligible countries.
Requests access to a specified Google My Business account.
Requests inventory validation for the specified country.
Sets the inventory verification contract for the specified country.
Sets the POS data provider for the specified country.
Updates the LIA settings of the account.