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Resource representations

The status of an account, i.e., information about its products, which is computed offline and not returned immediately at insertion time.

  "kind": "content#accountStatus",
  "accountId": string,
  "websiteClaimed": boolean,
  "accountLevelIssues": [
      "id": string,
      "title": string,
      "country": string,
      "severity": string,
      "detail": string,
      "documentation": string,
      "destination": string
  "products": [
      "channel": string,
      "destination": string,
      "country": string,
      "statistics": {
        "active": long,
        "pending": long,
        "disapproved": long,
        "expiring": long
      "itemLevelIssues": [
          "code": string,
          "servability": string,
          "resolution": string,
          "attributeName": string,
          "description": string,
          "detail": string,
          "documentation": string,
          "numItems": long
Property name Value Description Notes
accountId string The ID of the account for which the status is reported.
accountLevelIssues[] list A list of account level issues.
accountLevelIssues[].country string Country for which this issue is reported.
accountLevelIssues[].destination string The destination the issue applies to.
accountLevelIssues[].detail string Additional details about the issue.
accountLevelIssues[].documentation string The URL of a web page to help resolving this issue.
accountLevelIssues[].id string Issue identifier.
accountLevelIssues[].severity string Severity of the issue.

Acceptable values are:
  • "critical"
  • "error"
  • "suggestion"
accountLevelIssues[].title string Short description of the issue.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "content#accountStatus".
products[] list List of product-related data by channel, destination, and country. Data in this field may be delayed by up to 30 minutes.
products[].channel string The channel the data applies to.

Acceptable values are:
  • "local"
  • "online"
products[].country string The country the data applies to.
products[].destination string The destination the data applies to.
products[].itemLevelIssues[] list List of item-level issues.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].attributeName string The attribute's name, if the issue is caused by a single attribute.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].code string The error code of the issue.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].description string A short issue description in English.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].detail string A detailed issue description in English.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].documentation string The URL of a web page to help with resolving this issue.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].numItems long Number of items with this issue.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].resolution string Whether the issue can be resolved by the merchant.
products[].itemLevelIssues[].servability string How this issue affects serving of the offer.
products[].statistics nested object Aggregated product statistics.
products[] long Number of active offers.
products[].statistics.disapproved long Number of disapproved offers.
products[].statistics.expiring long Number of expiring offers.
products[].statistics.pending long Number of pending offers.
websiteClaimed boolean Whether the account's website is claimed or not.


Retrieves multiple Merchant Center account statuses in a single request.
Retrieves the status of a Merchant Center account. No itemLevelIssues are returned for multi-client accounts.
Lists the statuses of the sub-accounts in your Merchant Center account.