For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

Account data. After the creation of a new account it may take a few minutes before it is fully operational. The methods delete, insert, and update require the admin role.

  "kind": "content#account",
  "id": unsigned long,
  "name": string,
  "websiteUrl": string,
  "adultContent": boolean,
  "sellerId": string,
  "adsLinks": [
      "adsId": unsigned long,
      "status": string
  "users": [
      "emailAddress": string,
      "admin": boolean,
      "orderManager": boolean,
      "paymentsManager": boolean,
      "paymentsAnalyst": boolean
  "youtubeChannelLinks": [
      "channelId": string,
      "status": string
  "googleMyBusinessLink": {
    "gmbEmail": string,
    "status": string
  "businessInformation": {
    "address": {
      "streetAddress": string,
      "locality": string,
      "region": string,
      "postalCode": string,
      "country": string
    "phoneNumber": string,
    "customerService": {
      "url": string,
      "email": string,
      "phoneNumber": string
Property name Value Description Notes
adsLinks[].adsId unsigned long Customer ID of the Ads account. writable
adsLinks[].status string Status of the link between this Merchant Center account and the Ads account. Upon retrieval, it represents the actual status of the link and can be either active if it was approved in Google Ads or pending if it's pending approval. Upon insertion, it represents the intended status of the link. Re-uploading a link with status active when it's still pending or with status pending when it's already active will have no effect: the status will remain unchanged. Re-uploading a link with deprecated status inactive is equivalent to not submitting the link at all and will delete the link if it was active or cancel the link request if it was pending.

Acceptable values are:
  • "active"
  • "pending"
adultContent boolean Indicates whether the merchant sells adult content. writable
businessInformation nested object The business information of the account. writable
businessInformation.address nested object The address of the business. writable string CLDR country code (e.g. "US").
businessInformation.address.locality string City, town or commune. May also include dependent localities or sublocalities (e.g. neighborhoods or suburbs). writable
businessInformation.address.postalCode string Postal code or ZIP (e.g. "94043"). writable
businessInformation.address.region string Top-level administrative subdivision of the country. For example, a state like California ("CA") or a province like Quebec ("QC"). writable
businessInformation.address.streetAddress string Street-level part of the address. writable
businessInformation.customerService nested object The customer service information of the business. writable string Customer service email. writable
businessInformation.customerService.phoneNumber string Customer service phone number. writable
businessInformation.customerService.url string Customer service URL. writable
businessInformation.phoneNumber string The phone number of the business. writable
googleMyBusinessLink.gmbEmail string The GMB email address of which a specific account within a GMB account. A sample account within a GMB account could be a business account with set of locations, managed under the GMB account. writable
googleMyBusinessLink.status string Status of the link between this Merchant Center account and the GMB account.

Acceptable values are:
  • "active"
  • "pending"
id unsigned long Merchant Center account ID.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "content#account".
name string Display name for the account. writable
sellerId string Client-specific, locally-unique, internal ID for the child account. writable
users[] list Users with access to the account. Every account (except for subaccounts) must have at least one admin user. writable
users[].admin boolean Whether user is an admin. writable
users[].emailAddress string User's email address. writable
users[].orderManager boolean Whether user is an order manager. writable
users[].paymentsAnalyst boolean Whether user can access payment statements. writable
users[].paymentsManager boolean Whether user can manage payment settings. writable
websiteUrl string The merchant's website. writable


Returns information about the authenticated user.
Claims the website of a Merchant Center sub-account.
Retrieves, inserts, updates, and deletes multiple Merchant Center (sub-)accounts in a single request.
Deletes a Merchant Center sub-account.
Retrieves a Merchant Center account.
Creates a Merchant Center sub-account.
Performs an action on a link between two Merchant Center accounts, namely accountId and linkedAccountId.
Lists the sub-accounts in your Merchant Center account.
Returns the list of accounts linked to your Merchant Center account.
Updates a Merchant Center account.