Content API for Shopping
This information relates to the deprecated version 1 of the Content API for Shopping, which will only be available until the end of February 2015. See the quick start and migration guide to prepare for using version 2.

User Management Feed

The User Management feed is an API that lets you programmatically manage merchant account users and set their access permissions. Multi-client accounts can manage users across thousands of sub-accounts via the API, thus making their user management workflow quick and efficient. Even merchants with their own user management system can use this feed to send their user information to Google.

Managing Users

Note: Only users with admin rights can add, modify, and retrieve user information.

Add Users

To add users and set their access level permissions, follow these steps:

  1. Create an HTTP POST request having the required attributes. The following is an example request of adding a user, along with the associated permissions for merchant account ID 12345:
  2. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <entry xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"
      <sc:permission scope="online">readwrite</sc:permission>
      <sc:permission scope="local">noaccess</sc:permission>
  3. Send the above request to this URL:
  4. http://content.googleapis.com/content/v1/12345/users

Update User Information

Create an HTTP PUT request similar to the one shown above. Extending the above example, to update John Doe’s user credentials, send the request to this URL:


Retrieve User Information

To retrieve all the user information associated with a specific merchant account, admin users can send an HTTP GET request to its URL. Here is an example URL of requesting user information for merchant ID 12345:


Delete Users

To delete users associated with a merchant account, just send an HTTP DELETE request to its unique URL. Here is an example URL of deleting the user John Doe, belonging to merchant ID 12345:


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Request XML Elements

The following table explains the XML elements in the API request you need to send to set the user information:

Element Description Type/Accepted Values
title User’s email address. String
sc:admin Whether user is an admin. Boolean; true or false
sc:permission User access level for the respective scope–online and/or local product data. noaccess; readonly; readwrite

Error Messages

The following table lists the User Management feed error codes, along with their causes:

Error Code Possible Causes Possible Solutions
auth/frontend/not_admin The authenticated user is not an admin for the account. Contact your primary account admin to verify the user permissions.
validation/invalid_user No user exists with the specified email address. Check if the email address you entered is correct, and if it is associated with the right merchant center account. Or, verify if the email is a Google account.
User is already associated with another account. One email address can be associated with only one merchant center account. If needed, first disassociate the user’s email address from its current merchant center account, and then associate it with the required account.
User to be deleted is not associated with the account. Assuming you are an admin, retrieve the list of users if the said user is really associated with the account.
A logged-in user is trying to delete their own account. Have another admin delete your account.

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