Content API for Shopping


1. Sign up

To use the Content API for Shopping, you must have a Merchant Center account and agree to the Terms of Service for the Google Merchant Center, see

2. Set up your account

Go to the Settings page for your Google Merchant Center account. Make sure you provide the following information:

  • Company or organization name
  • Website URL
  • Contact information, if you want to be notified of changes that might affect your items
  • Default Tax and Shipping settings

3. Play with the interactive demo

The interactive demo is a great way to learn about the API.

Note: Make sure you select the dry-run tick box, where available, if you do NOT want your changes to take effect.

3. Choose your method of interaction

There are two ways to write an application using the API:

  • You can interact directly with the Content API for Shopping feeds by means of HTTP requests. This is the language-independent method of accessing the API. For more information click the links under Feeds in the navigation bar on the left.
  • You can use one of the language-specific client libraries.

Note: All calls must be authenticated.

To try out an insert, update or delete operation without making changes to your persistent data, append a dry-run parameter to the request URL, like this:

To get warnings about non-fatal issues, be sure to opt-in to warnings.

To learn about best practices, see When and How to Use the API.

Authentication required

You need to be signed in with Google+ to do that.

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