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Secure Data Connector Developer's Guide

Welcome to Google Secure Data Connector (SDC). This developer's guide provides information on how to build enterprise gadgets, applications, and spreadsheets that help form an encrypted connection to data that is protected by a corporate firewall.

In this guide, you can learn about SDC, install the SDC Agent, and explore the tutorials to demonstrate how to access private data through SDC.

This guide contains the following sections:

Section Description
Overview Describes the use of SDC with Google Apps, SDC architecture, connection flow and prerequisites.
Security Describes the security profile of SDC and provides answers to frequently asked security questions.
Installing and Configuring Describes installing the agent, configuring the connection to Google Apps, and resource rules. Provides reference information on localConfig.xml and resourceRules.xml
Troubleshooting Describes how to troubleshoot an established SDC connection.
   Google Sites Gadget
   Google Visualizations
   Google App Engine Application
   Google Spreadsheets
Describes how to use public and private data to create a gadget with a gadget in Google Sites, using the Google Visualization API, with a Google App Engine application, and using a Google Spreadsheets that imports data.

The tutorials help you understand the use of Google Apps features for an enterprise, ensure that your system works correctly, and provide training material to help users get up to speed faster.