Bitrix provides Bitrix Site Manager, a website management and e-marketing solution; Bitrix24, a collaboration and communication suite; and .NET Forge, a platform for developing web-based applications.


BitrixMobile can be used to develop mobile websites and apps with support of iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS using HTML5.

Before you begin

We recommend backing up your site before making any changes or updates. That way you’ll have a copy of it to restore if necessary. To perform a backup check out this Tips and Features article for step-by-step instructions.

If you find it difficult, seek support at the Bitrix HelpDesk or browse for help in our own webmaster support community.

1. What Bitrix version am I using?

1.1. How can I check it?

Regular product updates enable you to keep your Bitrix Site Manager up-to-date. All you need is to download the available updates in the Updates section of the Control Panel.

1.2 Take the Mobile-Friendly Test

Test your URL in the Mobile-Friendly Test tool now. If you get a “mobile-friendly” score, you’re done!

If the score isn’t mobile-friendly, consider changing theme and/or customizing the current one. We have compiled the following documentation to guide you through the process.

2. How can I make my Bitrix installation mobile-friendly?

Bitrix site templates are mobile-friendly by default.

2.1 Templates

You can learn how to manage Bitrix Templates using the official e-Learning platform and there are plenty of mobile-ready templates available online.

3. Is my Bitrix site mobile-friendly now?

We hope your site is now mobile-friendly and ready to be served to your mobile audience. We invite you to use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool now.

A positive mobile-friendly score on the Mobile-Friendly Test.

If the test results are not satisfactory or you have further questions, Bitrix offers great support and documentation. We also welcome you on our international webmaster forums for additional guidance and support.

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