How to join Google Search Central office hours

Ask Google Search employees questions about your website and Google Search-related questions, in real time.

What are the office hours?

Google Search Central offers regular office hours on our YouTube channel where everyone can ask Google experts questions in a video call. This is your chance to ask Googlers questions about Google Search and your website.

These office hours are public and recorded, so that the information shared is accessible to everyone. Questions can be submitted ahead of time, and if you join live, you can ask questions during the office hours.

There are a few different types of office hour sessions:

  • English Google SEO office hours for all questions around SEO and Google Search (for example, crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, multilingual and multi-regional sites).
  • Japanese Google Search office hours, which is the Japanese-language version of the general office hours.
  • German Google SEO office hours, which is the German-language version of the general office hours.
  • JavaScript SEO office hours, in English for SEO-related JavaScript questions.
  • Other topic-specific office hours, for example, on ecommerce sites or for news publishers.

How to find the next session

Check our event calendar or the community section on our YouTube channel for upcoming sessions. You can submit questions by commenting on the community posts on YouTube.

How to join Google Search Central office hours

  1. Click the Google Meet link in the YouTube community post that you want to join. We'll add the Google Meet link shortly before the office hours session begins. Learn more about how to join a Google Meet call.
  2. To ask a question live, we recommend using a headset and a microphone. The use of a camera is optional (it can make the session a bit more personal, but it's not required).

By joining a live office hours session, you agree to be part of the recorded video. After the office hours session, the recording will be available on our YouTube channel and anyone can view the video on demand.

Best practices for asking questions

These sessions are available to anyone who works on a website (for example, site owners, developers, and SEOs); from beginner to advanced, all are welcome. When submitting a question, we recommend keeping it short and to the point; focus on the broader issue you're looking for input on.

Avoid questions like this:

  • Why is my website not ranking?
  • When will the next core update happen?
  • Will Google start to do X in the future?

Ask questions like this:

  • How can a website owner optimize their site for crawl budget?
  • Does Googlebot discover links created by JavaScript?
  • What does X from the recent announcement mean?

In general, site-specific questions are not suitable for these sessions as they often require more preparation, and the answers are often not useful to others. For site-specific questions, we recommend asking in the Search Central Help Community, where experts can give you tips and advice. Beginners, experts, and everyone in between is welcome!

Check out previous office hours

To get an idea of what office hours are like, take a look at previously recorded office hours.