Remove a page hosted on your site from Google

For quick removals, use the Removals tool to remove a page hosted on your site from Google's search results within a day.

Protect or remove all variations of the URL for the content that you want to remove. In many cases, different URLs can point to the same page. For example:,, and Learn how to find the right URL to block.

Make your removal permanent

Requests made in the Removals tool last for about 6 months. To permanently block a page from Google Search results, take one of the following actions:

  • Remove or update the content on your page. This is the most secure way to prevent your information from appearing in other search engines that might not respect the noindex tag. It also ensures that other people can't access your page.
  • Password-protect your page. Limiting access to your page enables the right users to view your page, while preventing Googlebot and other web crawlers from accessing it.
  • Add a noindex tag to your page. A noindex tag only blocks your page from showing up in Google search results. Users and other search engines that don't support noindex can still access your page.

Remove an image from search results

Learn how to remove images that are hosted on your site from search results.

Remove information from other Google properties

To remove content from other Google properties, search the help documentation for your product to learn how to remove it. For example:

How do I remove content from a site that I don't own?

See the help article on how to Remove your personal information from Google.