Provide a publication date to Google Search

When Google can determine the publication and update dates of your page or video, it can expose this information in Search results, if this information is considered to be useful to the user.

Article search result showing a date

You can provide information to help Google determine the publication and last updated date.

How to provide date information to Google

Here is how you can provide date information to Google:

  1. You can provide a publication date and/or a last updated date.
  2. We recommend providing dates in both user-visible format on the page, and also in structured data.
    • For a user-visible date: Show the page date prominently on the page itself. Label your dates appropriately. Here are examples of publication and update dates with date and optional time and timezone. (The exact wording shown here is not required.)
      • Posted Feb 4, 2019
      • Published February 4, 2019
      • Last updated: Feb 14, 2018
      • Updated Feb 14, 2019 8pm ET
    • For structured data: We recommend that you add a subtype of CreativeWork (such as Article, BlogPosting, or VideoObject), and specify the datePublished and/or dateModified fields (see guidelines for AMP and non-AMP pages). Be sure to follow Google's structured data guidelines to help our crawlers understand your article dates.
  3. The date is required; the time is not: The time portion is optional in both user-visible and structured data dates.
  4. If specifying a time, specify the correct time zone. If you choose to specify a time, be sure to provide the correct timezone, taking into account daylight saving time as appropriate.
  5. Make your dates and times consistent. Ensure that the date (and optional time and time zone) match between the equivalent user-visible and structured values. Time and time zone are optional in user-visible data even if provided in structured data.
  6. Don't specify future dates, or the date of the action described on the page. The dates must describe the publication or update date of the page, not the stories or events described therein. You can add Event markup to the page to describe the activities listed on the page, if you like.
  7. Minimize the presence of other dates on the page: If you've followed the best practices above and find incorrect dates are being selected, consider removing some or all other dates that appear on the page.
  8. If your page is intended to show up in Google News search, follow these additional guidelines.

While Google doesn't guarantee that a date, whether visible or in structured data, will be shown in search results, following these guidelines does help our algorithms find and process the information.