Sample Offer

Below is a sample offer demonstrating the Save-To-Wallet: Offers API. Scan the QR code below with your mobile phone to visit an offer hosted by Sally's Sandwich Shop.

Merchant Offer Page

  1. The offer page contains details for the offer and a "Save to Google Wallet" button.
  2. On button click, the login page is displayed (if necessary).
  3. The button enters a disabled state. The offer is now viewable in the following locations:
    1. Google Offers
    2. Google Offers app
    3. Google Wallet app

Note: If this offer is eligible for NFC redemption, it can only be redeemed from Google Wallet. The offer is still visible on the other properties mentioned above.

E-mail Notification

An e-mail notification is sent after the offer has been saved. For the sample offer the corresponding e-mail is as follows:

Google Wallet App

The Google Wallet App may be used to pull up an offer for redemption.

  1. A view of all saved offers is available under the My Offers tab. The sample offer saved earlier is now in Google Wallet.
  2. Offer details are available including the redemption strategy and any terms and conditions.
  3. Redemption instructions are also provided. The instructions displayed will vary based on the redemption strategy.