Macbeth's Butchers

Increasing site traffic and strengthening customer relationships with Google+

Macbeth's Butchers

"Google + is a great tool for spreading the word about what we do"

Jock Gibson, Chief Operating Officer

What they wanted to do

Macbeth's Butchers was established in the 1980s as a direct outlet for meat produced by the Gibson family farm in Forres, Scotland. Today it still offers the finest quality Scottish meats, and is run by the founders's son, Jock.

The company has a website, newsletters, mailings and brochures. Nevertheless, they wanted to firmly focus on their online marketing activities, with 90% of its spending going on Internet channels.

Social media is a big part of this and Macbeth's had used a variety of services since 2008. As a result, it was only natural for the company to set up its own Google+ Page as soon as the opportunity arose.

How they did it

Jock Gibson, who acts as the butcher's chief operating officer, explains the appeal of Google: "We use our +Page to connect and interact with customers, and to develop relationships with them. It is certainly easy to use - I set up our page in under an hour, and probably spend the same amount of time each week updating its content."

Above all, Macbeth's uses its +Page to share images and post links, driving traffic to its website. Jock continues: "It's a great tool for spreading the word about what we do. We have also added the +1 button to our website, and hope that this will prove effective in building our profile online and generating additional business. I'm also a big fan of the Circles feature, which is used to group different contacts. It works well, and is something other social media services fail to offer."

Did it work?

Using Google+ has helped Macbeth's to develop their company's online profile and presence, their website traffic has increased since setting their +Page up. Also, they have strengthened ties with their customers whilst opening opportunities to connect with new customers.

What's next?

"Our experiences with Google+ have been very encouraging. I have little doubt that it will play an increasingly important role in our marketing, and we are actively working to get even more out of the "tool" concludes Jock Gibson, Chief Operating Officer.

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