ESTUBIZI Business Center

Driving Online Sales

ESTUBIZI Business Center

"Google AdWords helped raise our brand awareness and led to us gaining over 500% new ticket sales"

Benyamin Ruslan Naban, Chief Entrepreneur Officer

What they wanted to do

ESTUBIZI Business Center was founded in 2009. It serves a range of business resources, such as providing seminars and training rooms, meeting rooms, service office, virtual office, and ticket box for seminars and music concerts. Their mission is to primarily help small medium businesses grow successfully.

As a new business, ESTUBIZI wanted to have an effective strategy to promote their business through targeting specific audiences: entrepreneurs, trainers and concert enthusiasts in Indonesia.

How they did it

ESTUBIZI joined Google Business Group Jakarta in 2011, to meet like-minded business professionals. After learning more about how to use Google AdWords, they incorporated Google AdWords as part of their marketing strategy to build online brand awareness.

Benyamin Ruslan Naba used Google AdWords for the first time on February 21, 2012, guided by Anestasia Melati Devi from Google Philippines. ESTUBIZI also leverage knowledge and experience based on Google AdWords training by using display ads and YouTube video ads. They also actively use Google+ to promote their business.

Did it work?

The result was amazing! They achieve 76.60% new visitors and 538% ROI in ticket sales for Java Jazz Festival 2012, in just 8 days of campaign.

The incredible achievement from the campaign has made ESTUBIZI feel more excited to join trainings and activities held by Google and GBG Indonesia.

What's next?

"Google AdWords is very supportive in helping to build our online sales and brand awareness strategy," said Benyamin Ruslan Naba, Chief Entrepreneur Officer at ESTUBIZI. "After using Google AdWords, we are constantly getting prospective new clients and customers, and most importantly, we have the opportunity to develop business partnership in Jakarta and several other cities in Indonesia."

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