About the GBG program

GBGs are independent community-led groups formed by passionate business professionals and company owners who share knowledge about Google products and web technologies for local business success.

Each GBG chapter organizes a variety of events like social gatherings, workshops, online Hangouts, and more where like-minded business professionals can connect, learn, and get inspired. Topics range from how to better market your company and successfully sell products/services online via Google AdWords, to how to improve internal/external business processes for the organization via Google Apps, and more. You don’t need any technical skills to attend GBG events since all the discussions are business-focused.

Program membership is free, doesn’t create any formal relationship between you and Google, and you can leave the program at any time. Google supports and recognizes GBGs, but doesn’t own or manage them.

Questions or feedback? Email gbg-contact@google.com.

A GBG is...

  • Run by passionate individuals in local business communities

  • A group to share ideas and network with fellow colleagues in business and tech

  • A place to learn about Google products and web technologies for businesses, as well as what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies

  • Focused on collaboration between business professionals and educational business content

  • Open to and free for all interested

A GBG is NOT...

  • Run by a corporation

  • A place to hear sales pitches

  • Focused on end users or consumer content

  • A closed group

  • A group to discuss technical topics (this is covered by the GDG program)

Driving principles


Meet interesting people in your community.


Learn together how to use web technologies for your business.


Unleash new ideas through inspiring speakers and conversations.
Google restricts access to some of its services in certain countries or regions, such as Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.