About the GDG platform

The GDG platform is a membership level within the wider Google Developers Community Groups program and it offers tailored support to organizers of local GDG chapters.

GDGs are local groups of developers who are specifically interested in Google products and APIs. Each local group is called a GDG chapter and can host a variety of technical activities for developers - from just a few people getting together to watch our latest videos, to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to hackathons.

Google Developers supports and recognizes GDG chapters, but doesn’t own or manage them.

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A GDG is...

  • Run by passionate individuals in local developer communities

  • A group to share ideas and network with fellow developers

  • A place to learn about Google technologies and development tools, as well as what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies

  • Focused on developers and educational technical content

  • Open to and free for all interested

A GDG is NOT...

  • Run by a corporation

  • A place to hear sales pitches

  • Focused on end users or consumer content

  • A closed group

  • A group to discuss business topics (this is covered by the GBG program)

Chapter statuses


Chapters that have hosted in-person events in the last 3 months.


Chapters that haven’t hosted in-person events in the last 3 months.


Chapters that haven’t hosted in-person events in the last 6 months.

Program membership

Organizers of any developer group
GDG Platform
Organizers of GDG groups


Meetup content
Template agendas, slides, event formats, speaker notes, content bundles (curated 1-pagers with all you need to know about a product and/or topic), and more to help you run events for your community more effectively.
Can use / modify for meetup use Can use / modify for meetup use
Event series
Seasonal meetup events, competitions, and hackathons authored and sponsored by Google Developers.
Access to event series Access to event series with priority support
Financial sponsorships
Monetary contribution from Google Developers.
Can applyCan apply on a priority basis
Speaker recommendations
Support to find speakers for your events.
Can requestCan request
Branded physical items to give out to meetup attendees.
Can request design templates for meetups Can request design templates for meetups
Organizers of top performing GDGs are rewarded with GDG branded swag


Community management webinars, videos, and deep-dives into specific technologies.
Can access most content and join all webinars Can access all content and join all webinars
Early access programs
Exclusive preview and access to unreleased Google products.
Available upon request and review Available to all GDG organizers
Support to grow your group and as an individual leader.
Can request Available to select GDG organizers
Monthly newsletter with top news from the community, upcoming events and trainings, and spotlight stories from organizers.
Can subscribeCan subscribe


Group directory
Directory of all groups viewable to the general public.
All GDG chapters are listed
Case studies
Written and video stories about our top organizers, GDG chapters, and events.
Can submit / be featuredCan submit / be featured


Exclusive training and networking events for members hosted by Google Developers.
Can be invited to attend select regional and global summits Can be invited to attend select regional, global, and GDG-only summits with Google speakers
Lockups to be used in activities related to the program.
Can request Google Developers brand endorsement for individual meetups but Google Developers branding is not required Can use GDG platform official branding, including custom GDG chapter lockups
Platform management
Dedicated support and infrastructure managed by Google Developers, including:
  • Assistance in new chapter creation
  • Organizer onboarding and offboarding
  • Free Meetup.com PRO group subscription
  • Priority access to Google Developers regional leads
  • Maintenance of branded marketing channels, including social media
  • Arbitration upon request
Available to all GDG organizers
Event sponsorships
Monetary contribution to help attend select events organized by Google Developers like Google I/O.
Limited access Priority access
Google restricts access to some of its services in certain countries or regions, such as Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.