Topics API: experiment and participate

Quick guide to implement and test the API. Access topics with JavaScript and share your feedback.

Learn the essentials

  • Topics API overview introduces the API and explains the issues it addresses.
  • Topic classification explains the classifier model, how topics are inferred and assigned to users' browsers, and how users can control their topics list.
  • The Topics API developer guide covers setup, getting and setting topics using JavaScript and headers, and debugging.

Try the API

  1. Check the Privacy Sandbox status page for updates on the implementation status of the Topics API.
  2. Experiment with the API:
    • Try out Topics for a single user in Chrome 101 or above by enabling chrome://flags/#privacy-sandbox-ads-apis or by running Chrome from the command line with the --enable-features=PrivacySandboxAdsAPIsOverride feature flag. Refer to Topics API demos.
    • The Topics API developer guide explains how to use the Topics JavaScript API or the header approach (fetch or iframe) to access topics observed for the current user.

Get support

Is anything blocking you from experimenting with the API? Ask a question about your implementation or about the documentation:

For bugs and issues with the implementation of the Topics API in Chrome:

Join the discussion

Everyone is welcome to join in discussion of the Topics API. In particular, if you're experimenting with the API, your feedback is essential.

Discuss the API

Like other Privacy Sandbox APIs, this API is documented and discussed publicly.

Give feedback

  • Use the Privacy Sandbox feedback form to share feedback privately with the Chrome team outside of public forums.
  • Privacy Sandbox Feedback explains how to provide other types of feedback, and how to engage in discussion of Privacy Sandbox APIs.

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