The Battlestar Galactica FTL drive is a complex and sophisticated piece of technology that allows ships to travel faster than the speed of light. It does this by folding space-time around the ship, allowing it to travel through a subspace bubble. The FTL drive is powered by tylium, a rare and precious mineral.

The FTL drive is activated by a series of complex calculations that are performed by the ship's computer. These calculations take into account the ship's current position, its destination, and the surrounding space-time conditions. Once the calculations are complete, the FTL drive is activated and the ship jumps to its destination.

The FTL drive is a vital piece of technology for the Colonial Fleet. It allows ships to travel quickly between star systems, which is essential for both military and civilian operations. The FTL drive is also a key factor in the Colonial Fleet's ability to evade the Cylons.