Privacy Sandbox at Google I/O 2024

The Privacy Sandbox team was at Google I/O 2024 to share the latest news on third-party cookie deprecation, and help developers transition to alternatives.

Google I/O is Google's annual developer conference. For the first time since 2019, Google I/O this year was an in-person, two-day event.

Privacy Sandbox hosted a live session to help developers prepare their sites to transition away from third-party cookies. We gave an overview of Privacy Sandbox across web and Android, and we demonstrated the PSAT tool to hundreds of developers.

Here are the highlights.

A more private ecosystem on Chrome and Android

Understand how Privacy Sandbox works across Chrome and Android:

  • Understand product roadmaps
  • Explore new APIs and features
  • Learn about privacy-preserving APIs

Chrome plans restrict third-party cookies by default, with rollout beginning in early 2025.

Prepare for third-party cookie restrictions:

  • Understand the phaseout timeline
  • Audit cookie usage
  • Test for breakage
  • Transition to alternatives

Use passkeys and FedCM for better authentication experiences

A passkey is a digital credential that allows users to authenticate without having to enter a username or password, or provide any additional authentication factor.

The Federated Credential Management API (FedCM) provides a standardized mechanism for identity providers to make their services available without the need for third-party cookies and redirects.

This session will help you learn how to use passkeys and FedCM to enable more secure and user-friendly authentication experiences:

  • Audit your sites
  • Prepare for upcoming third-party cookie restrictions.
  • Explore new API features and learn about new capabilities that enhance trust on the web

Privacy Sandbox Analysis Tool (PSAT)

PSAT is a Chrome extension that enhances Chrome DevTools with multiple features to help you transition away from third-party cookies.

You can download PSAT from the Chrome Web Store:

  Sandbox Analysis Tool (PSAT) screenshot showing the number and types of cookies
  used in a modal and the list of cookies behind that with the reason they are
Privacy Sandbox Analysis Tool (PSAT)

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