Poly Toolkit for Unreal - API Reference

These are the reference pages for the API.


Poly Toolkit


IPolyToolkit The public interface to this module.
UPolyToolkit A UObject that encapsulates the PolyToolkit API.


FPolyActorResponse Response returned by ImportAsset callback.
FPolyAsset Represents and describes an asset in the Poly library.
FPolyAssetList A struct that describes a list of Assets returned by ListAssets function.
FPolyAssetListResponse Response returned by ListAssets callback.
FPolyAssetResponse Response returned by GetAsset callback.
FPolyFile Represents a file in Poly, which can be a root, resource, or thumbnail file.
FPolyFormat The same asset can be represented in different formats, for example, a WaveFront .obj file with its corresponding .mtl file or a Khronos glTF file with its corresponding .glb binary data.
FPolyFormatComplexity Information on the complexity of this Format.