Poly API Guide

The Poly API is a REST API that provides read access to assets in the Poly library.


All calls to the Poly API must include credentials. Credentials are used by Poly to identify your app and enforce usage limits. Credentials for the Poly API, like other Google APIs, are managed through the Google APIs Console. Follow these steps to get credentials:

Enable the Poly API. In the Google APIs Console, go to the Poly API and click Enable. Once it is enabled, you can monitor usage and manage access in the API Dashboard.

Create credentials. In the Google APIs Console, go to the Credentials and create credentials for your app. There are different types of credentials:

  • API Key: provides access to published assets and other resources that don't require user authentication. The API key must be included in calls to the API. We also provide a wizard to quickly get an API key:

    Get an API key

  • OAuth client ID: provides access to the published assets (like an API key) and also, private assets that are owned by the authenticated user. Your app must implement OAuth 2.0 and request the following scopes:

    • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/vrassetdata.readonly

    • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/vrassetdata.readwrite

    OAuth 2.0 lets users sign in to their account and grant access to your app via the Google Authorization Server. Once access is granted, you receive an access token which must be included in calls to the API.

Usage and quota

The dashboard in the Google APIs Console lets you monitor and manage access to the Poly API.

The Poly API has a default quota of 10 queries-per-second (QPS), per API key or client id. Apps that send more than 10 QPS will have all requests beyond this limit rejected. These requests should be retried, and calling code should be modified to avoid sending more than 10 QPS.

HTTP GET requests for resource files that make up an asset, such as a thumbnail or texture, do not count against this quota.

To request additional quota, fill out and submit the Poly API Quota Request.

API Overview

The API allows you to:

  • List assets and filter results based on criteria such as (keyword search, list by category, etc).
  • List my assets which are assets authored by the currently authenticated user.
  • Get an asset given its ID.

To try out the Poly API, we recommend the APIs explorer—a tool that helps you explore various Google APIs interactively. For more information, see docs for APIs explorer.