Zagat Branding and Attribution Guidelines

The Google Places API Web Service allows you to access and display Zagat content within your network, service, or product. All uses of Zagat brand features, including in your products, services, and marketing creatives, are subject to the Zagat Branding and Attribution guidelines.

Feature naming

Applications, or features of an application, are not required to include "Zagat" in their name. However, if the "Zagat" name is included, append the phrase "with Zagat". For example, you may use “Restaurant Finder” or “Restaurant Finder with Zagat”, but not “Zagat Restaurant Finder.”

Aspect ordering

Zagat selected places include one or more numerical ratings, called Aspects. Aspects must always be displayed in the order in which they are returned from the Google Places API Web Service.

The logo must be used only in the context of Zagat selected establishments, end-user features, or experiences that include Zagat selected businesses.


The clear space around the logo must always be equal to, or greater than, 1/2 the x-height of the Zagat name.

Zagat Logo clear space


Use the white on red version of the logo whenever possible. The black and white logo is intended for applications that cannot reproduce Zagat red. The color value for Zagat red is:

  • rgb: 152, 0, 46
  • hex #89001A

When placing the logo next to a business’s name or photo to signify that that business is Zagat selected, always use the white on red version of the logo.

The background color must never make the logo illegible.


The logo can be placed on a page where a Zagat selected establishment appears. Place the logo next to the core business information such as the name, photo, or address, etc.

Do not:

  • place the logo next to the ratings.
  • place the logo next to the review summary.
  • place the logo next to places that are not Zagat selected businesses.
  • use the logo in a sentence.

Zagat Logo placement


The logo must be at least 34 px wide.

The below zip file contains the Zagat logo in the correct sizes for desktop, Android, and iOS applications. You may resize these proportionally but not modify them in any other way.

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