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Picasa APIs (Deprecated)

Note: The Picasa APIs will continue to function in existing and future versions of the Picasa client for the foreseeable future. However, these APIs are being marked as deprecated to reflect that they're no longer undergoing active development.

What are the Picasa APIs?

The Picasa APIs enable you to create buttons users can install in the Picasa client user interface (see image below). Once installed, the button exports selected images from Picasa to another desktop application or web-based service.

Picasa buttons

The BlogThis! button in Picasa uses these APIs

Picasa offers two APIs:

  • Picasa Button API - This allows you to add your own button to Picasa and enables end users to export images from Picasa into another application or service with one click.
  • Picasa Web Uploader API - In combination with the Picasa Button API, this API allows users to upload photos to a web service after seeing a webpage preview of the images they've chosen to upload.

Note - These APIs are used to export images from Picasa to other applications and web services.

How do I start?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Picasa Button API.
  2. Check out the sample files.
  3. If you are integrating with a web service, read the Picasa Web Uploader API documentation with examples.

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