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Test and deploy

About the test environment

A Google Pay API test configuration does not return live, chargeable tokens; it allows you to test your pre-purchase workflow.

Initialize a new PaymentsClient with a JavaScript object containing an environment property set to TEST to use a test environment with an example response.

var paymentsClient =
    new google.payments.api.PaymentsClient({environment: 'TEST'});

Review our branding requirements

To ensure your compliance with our guidelines and standards, please make sure your application complies with our brand guidelines.

Test on a compatible device

Test your website on an Android device with Chrome for Android version 59 or later and Google Play Services version 11.4.x or later. Test with a payment method on file in Google Pay, if supported in your country, and with supported cards stored in your Google account.

Test using remote debugging from Chrome desktop to view console errors. View logs from your Android device using the Logcat tool window in Android Studio or using the adb logcat command-line tool.

Get access to the production environment

When you are ready to deploy your Google Pay API integration, sign up to get access and test with production credentials.

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