(Beta) Introduction to parking

The parking integration allows partners to provide parking transactions services to users of Google Maps.


TBD: Add Payments Merchant specific setup instructions

Booking Server

The first step in completing a parking integration is developing your booking server. You need to implement the following 5 end-points to support parking transactions:

Method HTTP Request
HealthCheck GET /HealthCheck/
GetParkingZone POST /GetParkingZone/
GetParkingAvailability POST /GetParkingAvailability/
CreateParkingSession POST /CreateParkingSession/
UpdateParkingSession POST /UpdateParkingSession/

Payments Integration

The parking integration also requires the completion of a payments integration as described here. However, the parking integration deviates from the guide in two ways. The tokenization_config data is passed in GetParkingZone and not the Feeds. Also, the PaymentProcessingParameters are passed in the CreateParkingSession call and not CreateBooking/CreateOrder (which is not used in this integration).


The overall testing process will be the same as for End-to-end testing. Manual sandbox testing followed by Soft-launched Production testing. However, a different suite of test scenarios will need to be run due to the differences inherent to the parking integration.