Technical architecture

System integrators can directly integrate their current service to provide ticketing and validation with the Google Pay Passes API, which includes its built-in Android and Web support. It's a complete and smooth integration for a broader audience. Plus, you're still in control for the business logic, while the Google Pay for Passes platform provides a seamless user experience.

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Figure 1. A complete and smooth integration to reach a broader audience

The following technical architecture describes how to leverage the Google Pay Passes API to create and save digital tickets at the end of the retail flow to the user's mobile device.

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Figure 2. Steps 1 through 3

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Figure 3. Steps 4 through 5

In summary:

  1. Get payments through Google Pay Payments API when you make a sale for anything you provide, like an event access or a transport option.
  2. After you verify the payment, offer to users to save the Pass, such as an Event Ticket, Transit Ticket, Gift Card, or Boarding Pass through the Google Pay Passes API.
  3. Users can save this Pass on their Android-powered devices without installation of any other app, and the Pass isn't ready to use until it’s activated.
  4. When the user is ready to use the Pass, they initiate the activation flow. You receive the request through the Passes platform and make the final decision.
  5. After the business logic decision on your service, you can push the changes to user devices through the Passes platform again. Now users can use this Pass!