Fare caps

Many transit agencies have implemented fare caps to discount users' fares on their behalf. Google Pay allows you to implement receipt roll-ups to better communicate the results of these transactions to users.

Fare caps

A fare cap is a practice in which users are charged for their rides over a period of time. The combined fares over multiple rides can't be more than if they had purchased the optimal period pass based on their usage. When the user rides and taps on the terminal that has a fare cap, the transit agency backend collects all taps and decides how much to charge dynamically at the end of the day. The aim is to give the user the best fare without the need to explictly purchase any passes.

For example, suppose users can buy the following fares:

  • Single trip = $1
  • One day unlimited pass = $10
  • One week unlimited pass = $25

With fare caps in place, users always get the best fare possible. The following examples show the fares charged to the user in various circumstances:

  • One trip = $1
  • Three trips = $3
  • 13 trips in one day = $10
  • 30 trips in one week = $25