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Resource representations

  "jwt": string,
  "saveUri": string,
  "resources": {
    "eventTicketClasses": [
      eventticketclass Resource
    "eventTicketObjects": [
      eventticketobject Resource
    "flightClasses": [
      flightclass Resource
    "flightObjects": [
      flightobject Resource
    "giftCardClasses": [
      giftcardclass Resource
    "giftCardObjects": [
      giftcardobject Resource
    "loyaltyClasses": [
      loyaltyclass Resource
    "loyaltyObjects": [
      loyaltyobject Resource
    "offerClasses": [
      offerclass Resource
    "offerObjects": [
      offerobject Resource
    "transitClasses": [
      transitclass Resource
    "transitObjects": [
      transitobject Resource
Property name Value Description Notes
jwt string A string representing a JWT of the format described at https://developers.google.com/pay/passes/reference/s2w-reference#google-pay-api-for-passes-jwt
resources nested object Data that corresponds to the ids of the provided classes and objects in the JWT. resources will only include the non-empty arrays (i.e. if the JWT only includes eventTicketObjects, then that is the only field that will be present in resources).
resources.eventTicketClasses[] list
resources.eventTicketObjects[] list
resources.flightClasses[] list
resources.flightObjects[] list
resources.giftCardClasses[] list
resources.giftCardObjects[] list
resources.loyaltyClasses[] list
resources.loyaltyObjects[] list
resources.offerClasses[] list
resources.offerObjects[] list
resources.transitClasses[] list
resources.transitObjects[] list
saveUri string A URI that, when opened, will allow the end user to save the object(s) identified in the JWT to their Google account.


Inserts the given JSON web token for the issuer referenced inside.