Orkut Application Platform

The orkut Client Library

The orkut client library (Java) is an experimental library that allows external applications to access orkut data. It supports many common operations such as retrieving profile data, friends, posting status and activity updates, as well as reading and writing scraps. It also allows uploading photos and read-only access to videos.

The library was originally written in Java, but there are ports of the library to other languages as well.

How do I download the client library?

This library is developed as an open-source project. You can download it here:

There are two choices for the download on the library's page:

  • Easy to use binary-only version (orkut-os-client-bin-version.zip): download this file if you only wish to write code with the client library, but not inspect/modify its source code. Instead of providing several separate JAR files, this one packs everything you need into a single big JAR file.

  • Full download (orkut-os-client-full-version.tar.bz2): download this file if you wish to access the full source code for the client library and demos. All dependencies come as separate .jar files and an ant script is supplied which allows you to build the library and samples.

The full download gives you more power to adapt the library to your needs. However, setting it up to build can be a long process, since you will have to tweak the Ant scripts and pick out the JARs individually. On the other hand, the binary version is very easy to set up: you only need to compile/run your project with the library's JAR in the classpath, but this approach gives you less flexibility to customize it. If this is your first time using this library, we highly recommend you download the binary-only version.

What do I need to run it?

First of all, authentication is based on OAuth. Therefore, in order to use this library, you will need an OAuth consumer key and secret. You can obtain them here, but keep in mind that you will need to be an administrator of an Internet domain or subdomain in order to complete the process. If you do not have administrative rights to a domain, you will not be able to obtain a consumer key/secret pair and hence will be unable to use the library.

How do I learn how to use it?

For an introductory explanation on how to use this library, please read our Orkut Client Library Developer Guide.

Is there a live demo?

Yes! We have a sample app called Fotoscrapr that can post album photos as scraps. It was developed using the orkut client library:

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