Orkut Application Platform

Technical Articles

Technical articles are a great way to learn about a particular topic or use case, or how to use the tools and concepts described in the other documentation sections to accomplish a particular goal. These are the technical articles we have available:

Article Description
Latency Tips Tips to avoid latency in Orkut Applications
Requesting Orkut Photos and Albums Describes how to use the OpenSocial API to request albums and photos
Orkroid: Accessing Orkut from an Android Application This article explains how to use the Orkroid library to access Orkut from an Android application.


These are some of the articles that we have published in the past and that have become mostly obsolete. They are provided for reference purposes only, since an updated version of most of the important information in them is already incorporated into other sections of this site.

Article Description
Anatomy of an Orkut Application Describes the several parts of an Orkut application
OpenSocial Tutorial for Orkut A tutorial for beginners.
Lifecycle of an Orkut Application Describes the several stages in the lifecycle of an Orkut Application, from development to publishing.

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