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This page provides you links to our developer community resources, through which you can get in touch with other developers in order to exchange expertise. There are very active communities of Orkut and OpenSocial developers who will be happy to help you with issues you might have.

Developer Forums

The forums are a great place to get help when you've got a question, and also a great place to help the community if you are an expert. To get the most out of the forums, please observe the following before posting:

  1. Type in keywords of your question in the developer forum's search bar. This search encompasses the full contents of the forum, and chances are good that somebody has run into the same issue before.

  2. Be very clear about your question in the subject — it helps everyone, both those trying to answer your question as well as those who may be looking for information in the future. Example of good subject lines are:

    • "Getting error 400 when posting activity from on-site application"
    • "Activities posted from off-site app via 3LO are not visible on New UI"
    • "How do I request additional profile fields on a FetchPeopleRequest?"

    Examples of bad subject lines are:

    • "Help me"
    • "Problems with my application"
    • "I'm getting an error"
    • "API question"

  3. Give plenty of details in your post to help others understand your problem. Including source code or a link to your application XML file goes a long way in describing your problem or reproducing an issue. Screenshots may also be helpful.

  4. Provide a way to reproduce the problem. One of the most useful tools when diagnosing a problem is the ability to reproduce it. So, when posting about an issue, please provide a clear step-by-step explanation of how to make the problem appear. Ideally, if your code is complex, try to reduce it to the simplest possible example that produces the behavior you are experiencing.

Available Groups

Group - Web Access Description Subscribe by email
orkut Developer Forum This group is for developers writing apps for orkut. Any questions about accessing orkut information (profiles, photos etc.) should be discussed here. Anything related to the developer sandbox (stabilty issues, access problems etc.) also belongs to this group. Here is its regular Google Groups page. opensocial-orkut-subscribe@googlegroups.com
OpenSocial Developer Forum This group is for all developers writing OpenSocial apps. If you have a general question about the OpenSocial API that is applicable to more than just orkut applications, use this group. Discussions in this group should not be limited to a single container or implementation of OpenSocial. opensocial-api-subscribe@googlegroups.com


Chat with developers in real time in the OpenSocial IRC room. Developers in this room are writing apps for many different containers, and some are implementing containers themselves! Sign on at irc://irc.freenode.net/opensocial and join the conversation.

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