C++ Reference: tuple_set

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Set of integer tuples (fixed-size arrays, all of the same size) with a basic API. It supports several types of integer arrays transparently, with an inherent storage based on int64 arrays.

The key feature is the "lazy" copy:
   - Copying an IntTupleSet won't actually copy the data right away; we
   will just have several IntTupleSet pointing at the same data.
   - Modifying an IntTupleSet which shares his data with others
   will create a new, modified instance of the data payload, and make
   the IntTupleSet point to that new data.
   - Modifying an IntTupleSet that doesn't share its data with any other
   IntTupleSet will modify the data directly. Therefore, you don't need to use const IntTupleSet& in methods. Just do:
 void MyMethod(IntTupleSet tuple_set) { ... }
This class is thread hostile as the copy and reference counter are not protected by a mutex.



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