C++ Reference: class StatsGroup

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Base class to print a nice summary of a group of statistics.

Return type: TimeDistribution*

Arguments: std::string name

Returns and if needed creates and registers a TimeDistribution with the given name. Note that this involve a map lookup and his thus slower than directly accessing a TimeDistribution variable.


Return type: void

Arguments: Stat* stat

Registers a Stat, which will appear in the std::string returned by StatString(). The Stat object must live as long as this StatsGroup.


Return type: void

Calls Reset() on all the statistics registered with this group.


Return type: void

Arguments: PrintOrder print_order

Changes the print ordering (will affect the order in which the stats registered with this group are printed via StatString()).


Return type: explicit

Arguments: const std::string& name



Return type: std::string

Returns this group name, followed by one line per Stat registered with this group (this includes the ones created by LookupOrCreateTimeDistribution()). Note that only the stats WorthPrinting() are printed.

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