C++ Reference: class DisabledScopedInstructionCounter

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Return type: explicit

Arguments: const std::string& name


Arguments: const DisabledScopedInstructionCounter&) = delete; DisabledScopedInstructionCounter& operator=( const DisabledScopedInstructionCounter&) = delete; }; #ifdef OR_STATS using ScopedTimeDistributionUpdater = EnabledScopedTimeDistributionUpdater; #ifdef HAS_PERF_SUBSYSTEM using ScopedInstructionCounter = EnabledScopedInstructionCounter; #else // HAS_PERF_SUBSYSTEM using ScopedInstructionCounter = DisabledScopedInstructionCounter; #endif // HAS_PERF_SUBSYSTEM // Simple macro to be used by a client that want to execute costly operations // only if OR_STATS is defined. #define IF_STATS_ENABLED(instructions) instructions // Measures the time from this macro line to the end of the scope and adds it // to the distribution (from the given StatsGroup) with the same name as the // enclosing function. // // Note(user

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