C++ Reference: class SharedRINSNeighborhoodManager

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Shared object to pass around generated RINS neighborhoods across workers.

TODO(user): For the sake of generality, this should just be renamed to SharedNeighborhoodManager as it could store any kind of neighborhood based on restricting the domains of a variable, not just the RENS/RINS ones.

Return type: bool

Arguments: const RINSNeighborhood& neighborhood

Model will be used to get the CpModelMapping for translation. Returns true for success.


Return type: absl::optional<RINSNeighborhood>

Returns an unexplored RINS neighborhood if any, otherwise returns nullopt. TODO(user): This also deletes the returned neighborhood. Consider having a different method/logic instead for deletion.


Return type: bool


Return type: int64

This is the memory limit we use to avoid storing too many neighborhoods. The sum of the fixed variables of the stored neighborhood will always stays smaller than this.


Return type: explicit

Arguments: const int64 num_model_vars