OR-Tools Downloads

You can install OR-Tools either from a binary distribution (the simplest method) or from source code. We recommend the binary distribution, unless you want to install third-party software or modify the source code.

For installation instructions, see one of the following:

Binary distributions

You can write OR-Tools programs in any of the following languages: C++, Python, Java, and C#. To download a binary distribution, choose one of the following links based on your preferred programming language and platform.


To install OR-Tools for Python using pip, see Installing OR-Tools. This is the recommended method. However, if you wish, you can install OR-Tools from one of the Python Wheel files.

C++, Java or C#


Source file downloads

You have a couple of options for the source code to install:

  • The latest release— tar.gz or zip

    The release is a stable version of OR-Tools that has been has been fully tested on all the supported platforms. This is the best option unless you want to try out features that have been added since the most recent release date.

  • The source code in the or-tools repository on GitHub

    These are the latest versions of the files under development. Note that this code may not be fully tested on all the supported platforms.

After downloading, follow the source installation instructions.