2018 Email Announcements

This is an archive of all broadcast emails sent to Mentors and Org Admins.

February 16, 2018: Thanks for being a part of GSoC 2018 - welcome!

TO: Mentors and Org Admins

Welcome to the biggest GSoC program ever with 212 open source organizations participating in GSoC 2018 and we expect to accept more students than ever before too. And a special welcome to 41 organizations participating in GSoC for the first time!

As you have probably noticed many proactive, excited students have already started reaching out to your orgs to discuss project ideas - this is a very good thing!

We want to give you a quick overview of the next few months and address some of the common questions you may have these first few weeks of the program.

Important Info for 2018

  • There are 3 evaluation periods where mentors are required to complete an evaluation of their student. After the first 4 weeks of coding, after 8 weeks of coding and then at the end (after 12 weeks of coding). The evaluation forms are relatively short with multiple choice questions and a couple of free form responses to give your student feedback (which hopefully is being done weekly already by the mentor).
  • Students can only be accepted into GSoC 2 times. Google Admins will do a sanity check on all accepted students once you select your students in early April so you do not need to be concerned about this.
  • UNIVERSITIES: If you are a university, we expect you to select students outside of your program. Selecting students from your university is okay (1-2 students tops) but if all of the students you select are from your university then you likely won't be accepted into GSoC again.
  • Students can only submit 3 proposals. After discussions at the Mentor Summit last year we have decided to implement this for 2018 (last year we allowed 5). This should eliminate many of the low quality proposals.
  • We allow 13-17 year olds to be mentors for GSoC as long as they have parental consent to be a part of the program. An additional form is required. We will send the form to the student once they have registered.

Inviting Mentors to your Organization

Organization Administrators should be reaching out to mentors and sending them invitations to be a part of their organization now. The mentor will then click the link in the email they receive to create their account.

GSoC Mentor-invite Mailing List

For those that have opted into the GSoC mentor mailing list (available on your profile page) we will bulk add you to the list on February 26. Then we will add additional folks who opt in about once a week throughout the program period. You can remove yourself through the groups interface at any time. You can also update your settings to receive a daily digest of emails and other options. This generally is not a very high traffic list but there will be more questions over the next two months on this list than probably later in the program.

The GSoC mentor mailing list is a great way to ask questions of other org admins and mentors and to get their feedback and help.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Now - March 12: Proactive students will reach out to you and ask questions about your ideas list and receive feedback from your org so they can start crafting their project proposals. Org Admins should be inviting mentors.
  • March 12 - March 27 16:00 UTC: Students will submit their draft proposals through the program website for you to give solid feedback on.
  • March 27 - April 8: Review all submitted student proposals with your org and consider how many you want to select and how many you can handle. Decide on the minimum/maximum number of student slots to request- do not request more than your org can handle - this could take students away from orgs who have excellent student prospects and need the slots.
  • April 9, 16:00 UTC: Deadline to submit slot requests (OAs enter requests)
  • April 10, 16:00 UTC: Slot allocations are announced by Google
  • April 10 - 17 16:00 UTC : Select the proposals to become student projects. At least 1 mentor must be assigned to each project before it can be selected. (OAs enter selections)
  • April 17 - April 23: Google Program Admins will do another review of student eligibility
  • April 23: Accepted GSoC 2018 students/projects are announced
  • April 23 - May 14: Community Bonding Period
  • May 13: Deadline to notify Google Admins of an inactive student that you wish to be removed from the program
  • May 14: Coding begins
  • June 11-15: First evaluation period - mentors evaluate students, students evaluate mentors
  • July 9 - 13: Second evaluation period - mentors evaluate students, students evaluate mentors
  • August 6-14: Students wrap up their projects and submit final evaluation of their mentor
  • August 14 - August 21: Mentors submit final evaluations of students
  • August 21: Students passing GSoC 2018 are announced

Organization Payments

Complete details regarding GSoC 2018 payments will be sent out in April to Org Admins. In the meantime, please note that Google will pay each organization after final evaluations are submitted.

  • Orgs who participated in 2017: do not need to create a new Payoneer account (if your banking details changed, please update them through your Payoneer dashboard).
  • Orgs new to GSoC or not yet signed up with Payoneer: we will send you an invitation in late April to create your account - do not go and create your own account now.

Quick Glossary

Proposal: A document which describes the project the student wants to work on for your organization. Should include a timeline containing clear milestones and specific deliverables.

Slot: Google will grant each org a certain number of project "slots" based on requests and history with GSoC. Each slot can hold one student/project.

Project: Once a student has been selected and projects are announced, their proposal becomes a project for the remainder of the program.

More Information

If you have not yet read the Roles and Responsibilities page created with the help of GSoC Org admins and mentors, we highly encourage you to read this and share it with your prospective mentors - it will help everyone understand what is expected of them over the next 6 months. You may also want to check out the Mentor Guide, which contains important information for both Mentors and Org Admins at each stage of the program.

Email Archive

All emails sent to Org Admins and Mentors during this year's program are stored in the 2018 GSoC OA and Mentor email archive.

If you have any questions please contact us at gsoc-support@google.com

February 12, 2018: GSoC 2018: Welcome Org Admins!

TO: Org Admins

This year will be our biggest program ever! We have 212 open source organizations accepted to participate in GSoC 2018 and we expect to accept more students than ever before. An extra special welcome to the 41 organizations participating in GSoC for the first time!

Be Prepared for Student Inquiries!

Over the next month, you'll be meeting potential students. Be prepared and responsive! Students who engage with their organization early (and often) are more likely to be accepted and then succeed. We encourage you to get to know the students and help them get to know you! Please continue to flesh out your ideas lists and documentation over the next few weeks.

What is Expected of Org Admins

  • Ensure that your organization's profile page is complete and accurate.
  • Keep your Project Ideas List up to date and easy to access.
  • Some Orgs currently have ideas lists that are buried two or three clicks underneath the provided link. We strongly encourage you to make the ideas front and center on the page the link points to.
  • Make sure your logo looks good on the site. A logo that contains the organization name in readable letters is suggested. You may also need to tweak the aspect ratio.
  • Verify the short description makes sense on the main organizations list. This is very important for grabbing attention quickly. Look at other organizations for examples.
  • Ensure that the "Application Instructions" for students is thorough and complete.
  • Communicate with prospective students about possible project ideas. Mentors should be helping too.
  • Invite mentors to your org (see more below). Make sure you have enough mentors to handle the amount of students showing interest.

Inviting Mentors to your Org

Org Admins should now be sending potential mentors invitations to be a part of their organization. The mentor will need to click the link in the email they receive to accept the invitation and create their account. All mentors must be invited by an Org Admin.

Email Archive

All emails sent to Org Admins and Mentors during this year's program are stored in the 2018 GSoC OA and Mentor email archive.

More emails coming very soon

We will send another (longer) email on Friday once you have had time to invite more mentors to your org. We want them to receive (and read it) too. We know we send a lot of emails, but we try to keep them focused on the important stuff -- please read them carefully.

Contact Us

Please use the gsoc-support@google.com for questions so that anyone on our team can assist you.